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zaterdag, november 21st, 2009

Users who have been registrated will have maximum support from the Poi Maps Team and all there questions will be answerd .
The Maps maybe freely copiëd, but our support is only for registrated users.
You wil find the download section at this server inside the members only section

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zaterdag, november 21st, 2009

The possibility’s of the Poi Maps are endless. Almost every collection of Pois can be added without interfering with the original Garmin Maps. The only restriction we have is the number of category’s and symbols that garmin implemented in the “older” modells.
Due to the transparancy of the PoiMaps the original Garmin maps will remain completely visible.
The [...]

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zaterdag, november 21st, 2009

Hier een beeld van de data zoals hij weergegeven wordt als je maximaal uitzoomt.Dat zijn campings, flitspalen en betaalautomaten.
Here you see an image of the data as you would see with maximum zoom. You can see campings, radartraps and ATM’s

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Welcome at Poi Maps Europe

vrijdag, november 20th, 2009

Poi Maps Europe is a continuation of the  “flitspaalkaarten” as it was maintained by one of our team members since 2005 and was distributed by a mailinglist.
The “flitspaalkaarten” filled a gap in the original garmin information but the structure of the maps became obsolete. It was a hell of a job to add new parts or new information. [...]

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Maps are fully free again

donderdag, november 19th, 2009

The finance filosophy is changed. The maintenance of the Poimaps is payed by advertisements instead of a anual fee.

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