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CityNavigator Old Format (OF) at the end of it’s life?

By Birdkiller

Is it realy  the end for the older garmin models when it comes to map updates?
A partial YES, garmin only wants to sell new models and they stopped the support for the older models. I said a partial YES,  because there is something happening in the world of  the mapmakers.
In the year 2004 Steve Coast [...]

Welcome at Poi Maps Europe

By admin

Poi Maps Europe is a continuation of the  “flitspaalkaarten” as it was maintained by one of our team members since 2005 and was distributed by a mailinglist.
The “flitspaalkaarten” filled a gap in the original garmin information but the structure of the maps became obsolete. It was a hell of a job to add new parts or new information. [...]