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CityNavigator Old Format (OF) at the end of it’s life?

By Birdkiller

Is it realy  the end for the older garmin models when it comes to map updates?
A partial YES, garmin only wants to sell new models and they stopped the support for the older models. I said a partial YES,  because there is something happening in the world of  the mapmakers.
In the year 2004 Steve Coast [...]

JaVaWa GPS-tools | Symbool voor viapunten

By Birdkiller

Symbool voor viapunten
Het gebruikte symbool voor viapunten in routes in MapSource is de laatste tijd nogal eens veranderd. In versie 6.13.7 waren het zwarte blokjes, in 6.14.1 t/m 6.15.4 blauwe vlaggetjes en in 6.15.6 en 6.15.7 zijn het zwarte vlaggetjes.
Het gebruikte symbool wordt opgeslagen in het GDB- of GPX-bestand, dus als je een route gemaakt [...]

Problems with mapsource after installing

By admin

A. There are several reasens for that, but the most likely is a error in the registry.
Just run the installer again and choose uninstall.
For debugging We need as much information as you can provide about your specific system. Write them down so you can answer our questions, if needed.
A. There is still a registry entry
for [...]

I Can’t see ATM’s or campsite’s in mapsource?

By admin

Q. I Can’t see banks or campsite’s in mapsource?
A. The problem or solution lies in just 1 setting
- Options
- Preference
- screen
- service’s on wil give you all poi’s
off wil give you no pois
automatic shows poi’s under a zoom level 700m