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How to: Het installeren van de kaarten.

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BELANGRIJK.        Verwijder alle verwijzingen naar de flitspaalkaarten uit het register

Download de gewenste versie

Kies uitvoeren of opslaan en daarna uitvoeren

Het liefst bij de andere kaarten van Garmin

Start Mapsource en download de al aanwezige kaarten

Let er op dat het vinkje bij Kaarten aanstaat

Selecteer het track teken tooltje

Teken een aantal tracks als orientatie op de kaart. B.v. langs [...]

Sending maps to the GPS

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Q. How do I select the maps for downloading to the GPS?
A. First things first.
Recieve maps from the gps. By doing this youre sure that all your already installed maps will be in the gps after the upload of the Poi Maps.
Now You can select Poi Maps.
Draw a line with the track tool around the [...]

Problems with mapsource after installing

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A. There are several reasens for that, but the most likely is a error in the registry.
Just run the installer again and choose uninstall.
For debugging We need as much information as you can provide about your specific system. Write them down so you can answer our questions, if needed.
A. There is still a registry entry
for [...]

What are those red and blue dots

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Q. What are those red and blue dots?
A. Red is a traffic light camera. Can be together with speed.
Blue is a speed only camera
Red and White is trajectory control.

Maps are fully free again

By Birdkiller

The finance filosophy is changed. The maintenance of the Poimaps is payed by advertisements instead of a anual fee.